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Guild Message of the Day - May 29th
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Paradigm News

By: Annalese - December 21st

2/8 Heroic Dragon Soul - Hagara Down

Good job on a very clean kill!

  • Aestella: FIRST
  • Tannjam: Boobs
  • Turturin: hell yeah! nice job.
  • Shårk: Badass ya'll
  • Dobii: Simpsons did it.
  • Aestella: Did twobit take this screenshot?
  • Woobles: nicely done
By: Annalese - December 7th

Morchok is Less

First night of Heroics and we got our first Dragonsoul Heroic kill.  Good job, Paradigm!

  • Turturin: US 94th good job
  • Tannjam: Nice work.
  • Akimmike: As of this morning, all 25 of us were ranked. Something to think about.
  • Tannjam: Not to devalue it... but I wouldn't put a bunch of stock into that. Lots of guilds keep their logs private during heroic progression. But great job!
  • Turturin: i think it's more related to the low overall sample size as only 155 guilds worldwide killed it on heroic 25, but the point is the same. Takes a few weeks to really see how you're stacking up.
  • Akimmike: I'm not saying anything really. I just enjoyed it. I mean, seeing all 25 names was cool. Ya know?
By: Turturin - December 5th

Server First 25-Man 8/8

Good job guys, heroics next week.

  • Annalese: Good bye Fire Kitty, Hello Mega Kitty
  • Tannjam: Something something, fat pussy joke.
  • Aelric: Soon.
  • Tannjam: Turt, you officially take worse screenshots than Qa.
  • Dobii: Who would of thought Deathwing was into the Japanese tenticle shit. kinky
By: Turturin - December 1st

7/8 with Madness as good as dead

Madness at 2%. pretty sure a 1 shot is coming on madness tomrrow. Then on to 8/8 to finish the week. Nice job all. p.s.Turt still fails at Screenshots.

  • Tannjam: I would expect nothing less from a Jew.
  • Tannjam: noting more*
  • Tannjam: nothing**
  • Pootilicious: Does your wife know you are spending so much time on this website Tann?
  • Tannjam: She notices from time to time and makes a snide "when are you gonna start playing again" comment
  • Akimmike: That druid offer is still open.
  • Nonia: Read and comment ALL THE POSTS ~ Tannjam
  • Fluffymage: What druid offer?
By: Turturin - November 30th

4/8 with more kills coming!

Pretty good first night even though Ultraxion and a few internet connections didn't cooperate. Keep it rollin'.

  • Shårk: Nice!
By: Annalese - November 22nd

Grats Paradigm 7/7 Heroic Firelands

Grats Paradigm on a well deserved Heroic Ragnaros kill!

  • Tannjam: Garst
  • Akimmike: npnp
  • Shårk: Good job ya'll!!!
  • Tyrage: grats guys
  • Shadowvale: Nice kick-off for the holiday week.
  • Untoldrage: wo0two0t
  • Touzoku: Hearty grats doodz
  • Rickson: Well done guys, kick ass in 4.3!!
  • Aelric: Grats guys.
  • Ethirtylol: boobs
  • Kiwies: Grats!
  • Daedum: Congrats!
By: Shårk - September 20th

H 6/7


  • Ethirtylol: 2 in 1 night?...nigger whaaa?
  • Shoosh: Very nice, grats guys! =D
  • Turturin: US 168 atm. Its not how you start the tier....
By: Shårk - September 20th

H 5/7


  • Ethirtylol: ( . Y . )
By: - September 12th

Grats 4/7

Another Server 1st

  • Pootilicious: GRATZ GAIZ!@!!!!
  • Ethirtylol: boobs
  • Sioldor: Yeahhhhh boiiii, Bael'roc next!
  • Pootilicious: BIG ASS TITTIES
  • Turturin: nice job on that one guys
  • Tannjam: Garts
  • Tyrage: Grats guys...good work
By: - September 6th

Domo at 13%, and in less interesting news..... JK Grats Turt


  • Qå: Grats
  • Tannjam: Pet is expensive as hell. Thanks a lot turt... for making me spend hard-earned gold on frivolities
  • Nonia: Tannjam you don't even play.
  • Sioldor: One of several Legendary staffs to come.
  • Aelric: When do I get mine?
  • Tannjam: Blizzard now thinks that "several" is too many.

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